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Brussels, exhibition: CCM Art Kunst 2009

You were not at the opening of the CCM’s collective exhibition in Brussels? Go to the “finissage” (a strange word for celebrating the last day of  the exhibition) next Saterday December 19. Now you know the principe: here my crushes! Nathalie Canivet (picture above and picture below) works by stuffing the concept of  protection and its lake. For Chrimas, why not making a gift with one of her “Doudous” (30×20x7cm, picture below)? cannath@skynet.be

Adriana Sotelo Ramirez, a photographer and Laida Aldaz Arrieta, a dancer, create together installations where time is stopped in a movement, in a kind of indefinite present. Here the coffee liquid is a  wool spider’s web. “Tejiendo conversaciones 2″. adrianasotelo@gmail.com, blablablas2000@yahoo.com

Above the monumental work of art of the sculptor and curator of this Art Kunst 2009 exhibition, Yolanda Sanchez y de Vera: www.yolanda-sanchez.com. This public command will be integrated into a Brussels public library. One of the 20 modules in Corten steel, resin and led is exhibited @  CCM: 93 rue Vandenboogaerdestraat, 1080 Bruxelles – Jeudi et vendredi: 10h-17h -“Finissage” (party for the exhibition’s end): December 19 de 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

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