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L’Occitane: Rose Pearlescent Cream (body moisturizer)

If you feel a bit nostalgic

of the beauty secrets of your great grand-mother’s times… So you will love the evocative label and the glass pot and the good smell of roses. The “total package” to sent us in a fantasized past…

Absolutely irresistible! Rose Pearlescent Cream of L’Occitane is really great: my summer darling body moisturizer! The smell is a successful combination between what we think of an ancient perfume and something more contemporary. The rose scent always brings a charming quaint note.

The light texture is creamy but not sticky, generous but not greasy. You don’t need to take a lot of cream and vigorously rub it in skin. Once applied, you smell a discrete perfume drifting around you, which is really really nice.

The sweet almond oil nourishes and softens the skin. But I don’t think the Rose Pearlescent Cream is enough efficient for dry skins in winter. And I use it more like a great pleasure than a specific skin treatment.

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