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Week-end ski au Club Med Valmorel

Il a neigé la veille


De la neige toute fraîche!

Un grand bol de fraîcheur pour commencer l’année! Quel plaisir de ressortir ma tenue de ski! Direction les Alpes françaises pour un week-end à Valmorel, petit village de Tarentaise. Ce matin, c’est LA reprise après près d’un un an! Euphorique face à la beauté des paysages, je suis un peu perplexe : suis-je encore capable de skier?

Heureusement, pas le temps de tergiverser : je file récupérer mon équipement à la ski room très bien organisée du Club Med. Puis je rejoins Nicolas, moniteur ESF (d’une infinie patience), pour une journée intensive de ski. Yes! Et cerise sur le gâteau, le temps est superbe et les pistes vides! Surtout partez skier hors vacances scolaires et/ou au printemps (conditions idéales pour les débutants)!

Les pistes que nous empruntons, dont certaines bordées de sapins me rappellent Méribel, une de mes stations préférées. Ici peut-être en plus intime comme le domaine skiable est plus petit. Hormis la mer ou l’océan, peu de paysages arrivent à me rendre aussi heureuse que les sommets enneigés. C’est juste b-e-a-u!

Un tour dans Valmorel

L’après-ski relax

En début de soirée, nous prenons la navette du Club Med vers le village piéton de Valmorel. Le timing idéal pour un apéro dans un des bars du village, le Jimbo Lolo très sympa, où j’ai bu une Caipirinha chaude (photo ci-dessus).

A la pâtisserie boulangerie Maryan, je discute chocolat avec le propriétaire et pâtissier du gâteau de mariage de Céline (Dion)! Ci-dessous, des roses des sables. Puis retour au Club Med, où nous avons dîné tous les soirs (photo ci-dessous).

La vue de ma chambre

Photo ci-dessus : la vue depuis mon lit! Le genre de vue qui me fait me lever aux aurores pour contempler le paysage pendant des heures. Mes avant et après-ski moments. Nul besoin d’une appli pour méditer!


Photo ci-dessous : la vue depuis la terrasse principale du Club Med sur les pistes de ski. Planant!


Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Le Printemps du Ski, France MontagnesClub Med Valmorel


Merci à France Montagnes et au Club Med Valmorel pour cette très agréable invitation. Comme toujours ce sont mes opinions.

France: What’s Skiing Into Spring?


If you follow this blog for a while,

you know how much I enjoy sharing with you my skiing experiences in the Alps and especiallty ski resort in France. So I met and asked Jean-Marc Silva, the Director of France Montagnes 3 questions about France Montagnes and the “Skiing Into Spring” trend.

Sorry for the poor quality of the light and audio.

1. What’s France Montagnes?



2. Why Skiing Into Spring?



For all the informations about the ski resorts, ski and activities : click here.

3. Some recommendations?



Photos & vidéos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


Skiing Into Spring, France Montagnes,


Germany: Arty Weekend in Düsseldorf


Day 1 : Gallery & Street Art Tour

After Berlin, Cologne and the Black Forest,  I’m on my way to Düsseldorf! As always, I’m not fully awake. And I forgot to download the app of b-europe to check in real time my train schedule. I find my buddies in the Brussels-Düsseldorf Thalys! 2h15 of laughter with cool mates (yes, it happens especially when I’m tired, lol!). And here we are at Düsseldorf station, ready to discover the city!

As soon as you arrive, I recommend you to buy the DüsseldorfCard for free public transport and discounts in museums and attractions. 

After a late lunch, we have an appointment with Klaus Rosskothen, the owner of the Pretty Portal Gallery specialized in street art artists. Photos above: on the left, a painting by the Irish artist FinDAC. And on the right, a painting by Kurnachzehn. Guided by Klaus, we discover many Street art works in the district where his gallery is located. End of the tour around 16h30-17h. Awesome overview of a less touristy Düsseldorf!

Polar temperature! Of course Brussels is not the Caribbean either, but all the team had a big shock with the cold here, lol! I go to the hotel to warm up (with a good hot shower) and get ready for dinner, we have an appointment at 18:30. 


Dusseldorf By Night 

Dinner at Küzert

At night everything is more beautiful, starting with this huge wheel (photo above). The team gathered again, I discovered the very lively cool atmosphere of the crowded streets of Altstadt, the old town. At Kurze Straße 18-20 is the Brauerei Kürzer, a traditional brewery on the Rhine, where we will have dinner tonight.

Outside, standing people drink glasses of beer. Ditto indoors where we sit down to eat (photos below). I like the contemporary setting, the mix of generations and genres with hipster waiters and a soundtrack for picky clubbers (with fine and demanding hearing, lol!).

Difficult for us to leave as the place was really cool! About the tasting of the beer produced by this brewery? Er, how can I tell you, I do not drink any beer, oops! But very good I enjoyed the chicken wraps. 


Back To The Hotel

After a long walk, we finally got back to the Hotel Friends Dusseldorf, with an awesome (Instagram) bohemian interior design of the common areas (left picture above and pictures of the photo montage below). It feels like being in Portlandia (the series) …

The + : The photogenic hotel where to have a drink, with music live and DJs sets. Located near the central station of Dusseldorf, 5 to 10 minutes walk or a bit less in tram. Very good breakfast. It feels good and friendly.

The – : the neighborhood is not reassuring at night. I didn’t like the interior design of my room (except the small modern clean bathroom). I think the common areas are the best.

Jour 2: Archi & Contemporary Art

Another Day, Another Weather

We take the new metro to the commercial complex, Kö-Bogen designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind, facing the Hofgarten Park. Great mix of modernity, heritage and nature! I’d have liked to have more time to look at all the details of the building facades and stroll in the park.

And  viisiting the Gerhy buildings… We head by foot to Altstadt, the old town. 


A Small Museum

A Concept

As the small group walks towards the Rheinturm, I stop at the small museum of contemporary art, opened in 2007. I liked the architecture and exhibition spaces of the KIT – Kunst im Tunnel.

Photo above: in the foreground, a composition of Rosa Sarholz. Photo below: the further you go towards the black wall of the bottom, the more the floor tends to reach the ceiling. If we want to continue to move towards the “black board” of Marcel Stahn, we must stoop more and more. I stopped when my head touched the ceiling.

On the photo montage above: photos on the left, the main exhibition hall. Photo on the right (top): a flat screen – table, where hands are exchanging photos and flipping through magazines. An art work of Fabian Ruzicka.

Then we will have a late brunch in Frida, the warm tapas bar with Mexico colors on walls. Cosy atmosphere, nice interior design and impressive salad size!

Have a Nice Weekend Everyone !


Photos & vidéos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés.


To make a train reservation: the website of b-europe , or the b-europe appli.

Düsseldorf Tourist Board


Many thanks to b-europe & the Düsseldorf Tourist Board for this lovely invitation. As always, these are