Algarve, Portugal: Anti-stress Massage @ Vila Vita Vital

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Long weekend in an amazing location in the Algarve, 

South of Portugal: the superb Vila Vita Parc, part of The Leading Hotels of the World! Exceptional retreat to reconnect with the elements: blue for the sky and the ocean, and green for the beautiful gardens (bougainvillea, hibiscus and a thousand other trees, plants and flowers)! Bathed in an incredible brightness.

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As I take a break at the spa, 

I check out the “Anti-stress 50 minutes” massage done by Margarida. While I am lying on stomach, the therapist diagnostic all my old tensions and chronic contractions. She starts by getting the muscles and tissues of my back by so-called movement “Swedish massage”, more and more strong.

Then she alternates different movements: kneading, stretching, pressure, muscles friction and effleurage movements becoming stronger all over the back. At times that’s a little painful. But much less than Thai or Martine de Richeville massages!

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To eliminate the pain and continue the massage 

with higher pressures, Margarida applies to my back a hot wet towel twice. And my back, shoulders and arms muscles start deeply relaxing. I lightly dozed. 

Change of position,  I turn on the back for the foot massage with reflexology pressure and work on points related to the back and shoulders and those connected to stress, to extend the relaxation effect. When the massage is finished I’m half asleep! My upper back is much more fluid and flexible and I can again turn and tilt my head! Thank you Margarida.

Vita Vila Parc Spa-Algarve-Portugal-3-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

An anti-fat miracle machine? 

The spa has the Hypoxy, a “revolutionary” new machine for body sculpting, slimming and toning. Depending on your specific needs, the therapists of Vila Vita Vital can make you a program. From what I understand, the principle is to eliminate localized fat on the waist, stomach… (lower body) alternating high and low pressure to stimulate the circulation of blood to improve the removal of fat. 

Do not dream: for great results, the Hypoxy program must be associated with a hydrocarb free diet to burn your old (buddy) fat. Forget bread, flour, potatoes, pasta, rice, and tutti quanti …! But the results may be quick, visible and lasting! Now I am convinced this machine was made for me (LOL!). If I have the opportunity to try the program, I’ll let you know about the bikini body! ; )

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2014, tous droits réservés. 

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I was invited by the Vita Vila Parc and as always these are my opinions. Many thanks to the whole team.

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