Travel Begins With a Good Travel Insurance


Okay everyone is not a travel blogger,

but I’m sure many of you have already thought what follows. 

While sitting on the plane to Bangkok, as part of an itinerant blog trip in nature reserves, I suddenly clicked! What about if I had an accident there … I don’t know … injured by wild animals (yes could happens!), or a bad fall in a treck … and so on…                 

A stupid or crazy stuff totally improbable that can cost a fortune even with a good health insurance! And then I panic, I didn’t suscribe any travel insurance! Of course landing at Bangkok, I forget everything to focus on my pictures and notes. Fortunately the travel was uneventful.                        

Few more blog trips later, still not assured and less and less reassured, when I meet by chance Allianz Global Assistance, I found it was as a clear sign of destiny ; )


What kind of travel insurance to purchase?    

Answer: What kind of traveler are you? 

It depends on how often you travel. If you go on business trips or family holidays, if you study abroad, or go like a digital nomad or for a several months sabbatical … If you practice or not extreme sports, will visit the natural risk zones etc …

Time travel insurance or annual travel insurance

As a travel blogger, I chose the World Gold Protection, an annual travel insurance really complete that covers me during my travels around the world. To which, it is recommended to add before departure, the natural disasters, strikes and terrorism option of 8 €. This option is only available with a World Gold Protection or Top Selection insurance.


How much does it cost?

Here are some examples of prices in relation to the World Gold Protection which is the most comprehensive annual travel insurance of Allianz Global Assistance : 

– Going over 3 months. You are a student and participate in a 6 months Erasmus exchange in South Africa. The World Gold Protection will cost 285 €. Plus for the remaining three months , an extra 40 € or 3 x 40 €. Total: 405 €. 

– You plan a world tour boat with your family during 12 months. The annual insurance for the whole family is 350 €, so it would be 350 € + (9 x 40 €) or 710 €.  

To get an estimate of the price compared to your needs, the best is yet to make an estimate of Allianz Global Assistance.   


Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés

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  1. The combination of leisure and useful information is a must, not always obvious, but the article Travel Begins With a Good Insurance is a positive example. By the way, your picture is absolutely stunning!

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