Antwerp: Spring-Sum 2015 Trends at The UPR Press Days

Antwerp-UPR Pressdays-Club Med Lunch-Chef Pascal Devalkeneer-1-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

I left early in the morning without knowing …

Arrived in Antwerp, I waited and waited for the bus … almost one hour! Note that by walking, it would have taken half an hour max! On the bus after two stops, the driver asked us to get out because he ended his service and invited us to choose to wait for his colleague or take another bus, explaining that today there was the strike. 

I chose to walk twenty minutes under a drizzle that ruined my hair! When I finally arrived at UPR, nearly 2 hours late, I had a scarecrow head! Big thanks to the new hair products (completely ineffective) I’ve tried the night before to have the impeccable hair!

Never mind I’m right on time for the lunch organized by Club Med, for the presentation of its new Spring-Summer 2015, along with the CEO of Club Med Belgium and Luxembourg, Hadi Kamouh and his team. On the photo montage below: No. 1, the new catalog of Club Med.

The dishes cooked by the starred chef Pascal Devalkeneer are really delicious, my favorite: a dish consisting of thin slices of octopus (photo above). While the sommelier Eric Boschman is horrified seeing that I drink Coca Zero. “When you want to return to civilization …” he says to me serving me a glass of wine, LOL! 

Antwerp-UPR Pressdays-Club Med-Swarovski-Necklace-Sam Edelman-Boots-Ferragamo-Sunglasses-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

As I almost exclusively communicate through the Internet,

I have little opportunity to meet the people I work with. So it is always a pleasure to go to press days and put a face to familiar names : )

And of course discover new collections and labels that I didn’t know, such as Rado and Bell & Ross watches, the German brand Dorothy Schumacher, with simple lines and beautiful materials. And the Luz jewelry, really trendy.

On the photo montage above: No. 2, suspense! The beautiful Sam Edelman ankle boots, very soon in one of my fashion posts. No. 3, the Swarvoski necklace with 700 mini cristaux very soon in an upcoming post on a series of selfies I realized. And No. 4, the Ferragamo beautiful sunglasses, very Dolce Vita. 

Antwerp-UPR Pressdays-Pronails-Sopolish-Manicure-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

As you know I am a huge fan of sunglasses

And beauty: shortly on the blog, my new tests of l’Occitane products. I also had the opportunity to test the famous Sopolish of Pronails. Stickers to put on nails, on which the polish is applied for a perfect finish for three weeks! Without damaging the nails. To remove the polish, just remove the stickers!

Since the stickers and nail polish were applied (one week), my nails remained perfect! With my usual polish, after 2 days, it’s a disater. On the above photo montage: No. 1, the different sizes of stickers. No. 2, stickers placed on the nails, before limiting. No. 3, the ultra glam and flashy red that I chose. And No. 4, the catalog of the beautiful Spring-Sum 2015 collection of the Swedish brand Philippa K.

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2014, tous droits réservés.  

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Many thanks to the UPR’s team.

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