Activilong Paris: I Tested The Actiliss Range

Activilong by Mademoiselle Le K

These Four Products Have Rescued My Hair!

I do not often straightens my hair (maximum 2 times a year) and without much enthusiasm, I’m not a fan of brushing. So I often find myself with two types of ultra dry hair. Over this time, a significant break on lengths and a real lack of drive to fix the problem! Yep it happens …

After visiting a thousand blogs and follow – I don’t know how many – vloggers, I decided to save my hair taking back my product testing! So I’ve tested four products of the Actiliss range of Activilong of Paris with Argan and Keratin ingredients for a month and a half. And I’m blown away by the results: half of breakage, more hydration, flexibility, softness, lightness and shine!

My two must have cares are the Smoothing Care Mask Actiliss and the Stop Break Pure Keratin System Actiliss. I really enjoy the creamy texture and delicious smell of the Smoothing Care Mask Actiliss that I use as no poo. I leave it a day or two before rinsing. It gives my hair an exceptionally soft and smooth texture from root to tip.

After the Smoothing Care Shampoo Actiliss (without sulfate and paraben) or on dry hair, I apply on my lengths the Stop Break Pure Keratin System Actiliss : a miracle care that moisturizes and nourishes. At first I found it a bit sticky. In fact my hair was so dehydrated and porous that I had to apply a lot (too much!). Very quickly, I used less product, cause I noticed my hair absorbed it better for a nice natural styling (no use of hair dryer, iron etc… ).

I ended quickly the Stop Break Pure Keratin System Actiliss that I also used as an oil bath to protect my hair from the sun and beach damages. This multi-care is pretty amazing! Currently for my daily detangling, I apply on the lengths the Heat Protection Smoothing Serium Actiliss. My hair is soft and smooth, but less well-fed than with the Stop Break Pure Keratin System Actiliss. In conclusion, excellent products to discover! 

Photo : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2014, tous droits réservés.


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