Scuba Diving @ The Hillside Beach Club, in Fethyie, Turkey

Hillside Beach Club-Turkey-Fethiye-Scuba

I haven’t dived for ages!

What an indescribable pleasure! Invited by the Hillside Beach Club in Fehtiye, I enjoyed to do a scuba diving refresher and a “real” dive during my stay.      

When I enter the water after the theoretical part of the refresher, I feel some apprehension (unbelievable!) and hesitate. What if I couldn’t remember the right gesture … I’m certified Advanced Open Water Padi.           

Musti, the excellent diving instructor, gently challenges me: if I don’t feel to dive, I can stop it at any time. Everything is finally going great and no question to quit before the end of the refresher, with the famous “mask clearing” and tutti quanti


We schedule a dive in the early afternoon 

with Musti and Philippe, my buddy. We are the only divers aboard the boat of the Move Diving Center, where our bottles and equipment wait for us (last photo)!

The visibility is okay and the dive is not very deep, less than 15 meters. I found back the feeling of the intense blue. 50 minutes of pure bliss! Few dives to get more fluidity in the water …  

Important: when I dive, I never touch fauna or flora, as we learn it in the PADI course. The sea urchin that I have in my hand was placed by Musti who is also an engineer of the sea sciences and knows how to approach the fauna and flora of this part of the Mediterranean.      

Like many divers, I am very respectful of the ecosystem of seas and oceans, considered as our rubbish for too long. Please do not touch living organisms except if a competent person shows you how to do it! EXCELLENT DIVING TO ALL OF YOU!

Hillside Beach Club-Turkey-Fethiye-Scuba Diving-Fish-Blog-Mademoisellelek.comHillside Beach Club-Turkey-Fethiye-Scuba Diving-Refresher-6-Blog-Mademoisellelek.comHillside Beach Club-Turkey-Fethiye-Scuba Diving-Fish-5-Blog-Mademoisellelek.comHillside Beach Club-Turkey-Fethiye-Scuba Diving-Refresher-8-Blog-Mademoisellelek.comHillside Beach Club-Turkey-Fethiye-Scuba Diving-Refresher-2-Blog-Mademoisellelek.comHillside Beach Club-Turkey-Fethiye-Scuba Diving-Refresher-7-Blog-Mademoisellelek.comHillside Beach Club-Turkey-Fethiye-Scuba Diving-Refresher-5-Blog-Mademoisellelek.comHillside Beach Club-Turkey-Fethiye-Scuba Diving-Refresher-2A-Blog-Mademoisellelek.comHillside Beach Club-Turkey-Fethiye-Scuba Diving-Refresher-1-Blog-Mademoisellelek.comHillside Beach Club-Turkey-Fethiye-Scuba

Photos: Thanks to Philippe Berkenbaum for allowing me to use his underwater photos and videos taken with a GoPro. More photos: Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2014, tous droits réservés.


Hillside Beach ClubScuba Diving @ Hillside Beach Club

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I was invited by Hillside Beach Club. As always, these are my opinions! Big thanks to all the team and for the great diving experience to the Move Diving Center.   

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