Aspria Avenue Louise: My Muscle Awakening!

Mademoiselle Le K-Aspria-Louise-Day-3-Aerotonic-Swimming-Pool-Hammam-Sauna

Ages since I haven’t done any sport

A few days after my Shiatsu massage, I go to the locker room (picture 3). When I arrive at the studio (picture 1), I’m 5 minutes late and the famous Aerotonique session has already started! Azziz replaces David which is the usual coach. Honestly when Antoine Houssière, the Well-Being Manager of the Aspria Avenue Louise offered me this group course, I didn’t really understand (or try to understand) what it was! I just kept in mind it was dynamic!    

From the beginning, I jump and steps to-side-behind-acceleration… very rhythmic cardio! Everyone follows, at first I had trouble to coordinate sequences. When we started to use the ball and the carpet, I understood it’s going to hurt! I can’t exercise such as pumps on one arm (frankly, what an idea! LOL!). But I try, I try everything! Occasionally Azziz checks and corrects our postures. His good humor is contagious and motivating.    

At the end of the course I recognize some moves borrowed from the Sun Salutation (Yoga, Tai Chi). I’m extremely tired and sweating, but smiling! I decide to go for a swim in the pool to soothe muscles, plus a bit of hammam, sauna and jacuzzi (picture 2). Then I go straight to bed, yes! The next day, aches all over my body but I “manage” them (LOL!). And the day after that, the aches are more painful. Even laughing hurts my abs, but I feel more positive and highly recommend this trainning! Conclusion I had to postpone my individual coaching session! To be continued …



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I was invited by Aspria and as always these are my opinions. Thanks to the whole team! Photos: Aspria / Lay out: Mademoiselle Le K.’

8 responses to “Aspria Avenue Louise: My Muscle Awakening!

  1. It was a pleasant surprise to find such an appealing address to exercise in the heart of Brussels! Once more your review is top and I am convinced to start quickly to work out and keep fit.

    • Thanks! Defenitely Aspria Avenue Louise is a great gym to exercise and relax! A bikini body for summertime 🙂

  2. I’m a “brand new” member of the Aspria and I love it ! Your pictures capture the real peaceful atmosphere of this place. The pool is very nice and the changing room is super clean. I love the fluffy bath-robes which are hanged at the entrance. And last but not least, the staff is adorable.

    • Lucky you! Yes, the fluffy bath-robes are so comfy! 😉 The pool is WOW and the team is really nice and efficient!

  3. Thanks for sharing Mademoiselle Le K ! A friend of mine just joined Aspria and is raving about the place… Your pictures convinced me to give it a go… Comfort and luxury to ease to the workout pain 😉

    • Thank you very much! 🙂 Yes, I can understand your friend, it’s a great place to exercise and relax! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

  4. This post reminded me I should start to workout again. My first time popping by at your site — love the pics and reviews.

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