Aspria Avenue Louise, Brussels: I tested the Shiatsu Massage

Mademoiselle Le K-Aspria-Louise-Day-2-Spa-Shiatsu

Shiatsu time!

I haven’t done any sport for ages! Heresy for a sporty old. Do I need to add I fear recovery: I’m sure many of you’ll understand me! Yoyo pounds too comfortably resettled (get out of my body, now! LOL!). And spirit and energy falling. Antoine Houssière, the Well-Being Manager of the Aspria Avenue Louise, for the collective course, suggest me to try the Aerotonique. Okay for the Aerotonique in a few days! Meanwhile I go to the spa to experience my first Shiatsu Massage: “A sort of Japanese acupuncture without needles” explains Victor, my therapist.

I confess being very intrigued. Instead of needles, the massage consists of pressure on the meridians to unlock energy. Upstream, there is work on breathing. Take comfortable clothes, the session is held on a kind of tatami covered with towels (picture 1). In the background, oriental music. I start lying on the stomach to finish on the back. Less painful than traditional Thai and Chinese massages, the pressure on certain points can hurt.      

As to the body loosens and relaxes. At the end of the massage, I felt a deep calm, both physically and mentally. In a few hours, it is not recommended to move too much, not to sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. The next day, some pressure points were still a little sore, it seems that this is normal until two to three days after the massage. But mostly I found flexibility throughout my body. Which is extremely nice and allows you to reconnect with your ​​body.



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I was a guest of the Aspria and as as usual, all my opinions are mine. Photos: Aspria / Lay out : Mademoiselle Le K.   

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  1. I’m a great fan of massages and holistic treatments, and also a regular consumer. I’m eager to discover more about Aspria and most likely to become a new member as I find the setting very appealing, well equiped, spotless, so let’s do it!

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