Tokyo, Japan: Meeting Maki Saito of Numero Tokyo


Tokyo-Japan-City Guide-Women in Kimono-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2014

– The most important Japanese fashion magazines are Nihon Vogue, Numéro Tokyo, ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar. 

When I met Maki Saito, she was the Picture Editor of Numero Tokyo. She studied first the English Art and Litterature at Kobe university and Photography in London: 

– I wanted to be a photographer. I travelled in all Europe during one year. Back to Japan, I started working at Nihon Vogue and GQ. Then I came at Numero Tokyo, six months before the first issue with Kate Moss. 

What are the differences beteween Numero (Paris) and Numero Tokyo? 

– We do our own shooting, covers and fashion series. Different cultures, different tastes. In Japan, pictures have to be more cutter and sweeter. 

What about her Tokyo? 

– Tokyo is a really interesting city with lots of different areas. We have everything. Shinjuku people are different than Shibuya people.

1. I enjoy small areas: Mishuku is close to Shibuya, with small bars and used to be a big traditional place.

2. Last week-end, I went to Jyugaoka station for shopping pottery. I really like Japanese sets.

3. For fashion: Shibuya and Harajuku. I like to go to Beams. I love hats, any kind of hats. I love shoes too, but I always buy them overseas. 

As a traveler: 

– I feel different, more open minded. I love going to big cities. I came from country side, a small archipelago, famous for Udon (kind of Soba): the landscape and the sanctuaire of 88 temples and thousand steps to reach to one of them (Kompirasan). I enjoy calm and friendly people.

Photo : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2014, tous droits réservés.

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