Portugal: A walk and restaurant in Nazaré

Nazaré-Old Town-1-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013

After visiting the lighthouse of Nazaré 

and a walk on the rather infinite beach, Praia do Norte (“North Beach”, where you can find the biggest waves in the world), my friends want to lunch. At 5 p.m. on Sunday … I take the opportunity to discover some monuments of the old city bathed in a gold light. Pictures from 1 to 3: small chapel with beautiful azuleros blue and white inside (picture 2), overlooking the ocean. We are heading to the part of town along the seaside (picture 4).

Nazaré-Old Town-3-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013Nazaré-Old Town-4-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013Nazaré-1-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013Garrett McNamara @ A Celeste-1-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013

A Celeste

Pictures from 5 to 8 : one of us had more flair and leads the posse to an unpretentious restaurant. The bottom of the air is cold, fortunately the terrace facing the sea is completely covered (picture 7). Just sitting, I’m discoverig two “Garrett McNamara” menus  (picture 8) … Yes, signed by the legendary surfer who defeated here in Nazaré, all records of the biggest waves ever surfed in the world! The first record in 2011, with a wave of 23 m and the second record in 2013, with a wave of 34 m (or a little more) at 45 years old! Celeste is one of the Hawaiian champion and Nicole, his wife’s canteens. I’m not hungry, but my friends ordered an excellent fish! And the lady who cooks is adorable. Avenida República 54, Nazaré, T. +351 262 551 695.

Nazaré-Restaurant-1-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013Nazaré-Restaurant-2-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013Garrett McNamara Menu @ A Celeste-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013

The Famous Petticoats  

Pictures below : the fashion detail that struck me in the street (so me, lol!): several older women are dressed up with “puffed” skirts reaching below the knees. In fact, it is a feature of the traditional costume of Nazaré. Several petticoats are juxtaposed under the skirt (picture 10: archives of the lighthouse of Nazaré). In the past, women wore petticoats up to 7 for a festive dress!

Nazaré-3A-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013Farol da Nazaré-Archives-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013Nazaré-Folks-1-Photo Mademoiselle Le K-copyright 2013

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés. 

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