Areias do Seixo: A Room With A Small Fireplace

MlleLeK Portugal Areias do Seixo 9

Superb design hotel with a unique service and entirely nature oriented

I was invited by the Areias do Seixo to spend the weekend with a friend. This eco-luxury hotel is 1h drive from Lisbon! An unforgettable experience : I’m more and more  sensitive to innovative initiatives that put the environment at the center of their concerns. The subject fascinates both owners Marta Fonseca and Gonçalvo Alves I had the opportunity to meet !

What a great surprise to discover our spacious room, bathed in natural light! Concrete walls and floor, a mini glass fire place with black metal, placed on a concrete table (picture 10). Excellent homemade crackers on a metal tray. Very few elements, two chaises (picture 4), hints of colors, beautiful handmade mirrors, wicker baskets, wooden lamp and input tagged with chalk (last photo) door. Two comfortable twin beds (picture 1) facing the bay window overlooking the garden, the vegetable garden and path leading to the dunes, miles of beaches and cliffs in the wild part of the Costa de Prata (pictures 2 & 7).

Plus an amazing giant bathroom extremely comfortable, length mirrors on pebble walls and a large shower in the center of the room (pictures 6 & 9). Unfortunately I didn’t have time to try the deep tub in concrete dug into the ground. Another great detail that I liked very much : no TV in the room. Falling asleep flipping Attitude, the excellent Portugese design magazine, or watching the fire to crackle!

MlleLeK Portugal Areias do Seixo 2MlleLeK Portugal Areias do Seixo 6MlleLeK Portugal Areias do Seixo 13MlleLeK Portugal Areias do Seixo 14MlleLeK Portugal Areias do Seixo 4MlleLeK Portugal Areias do Seixo 11MlleLeK Portugal Areias do Seixo 12MlleLeK Portugal Areias do Seixo 3AMlleLeK Portugal Areias do Seixo 1MlleLeK Portugal Areias do Seixo 15A

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés.   


Many thanks to the team of Areias do Seixo – Charme Hotel.

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