Portugal: Comporta, Miles of Pristine Beaches

Portugal-Comporta-6A-Photo MlleLeK-copyright 2013

Comporta is 1h-1h30 drive south of Lisbon,

in the region of Alto Alentejo. I need a breath of fresh air and to discover new places. Amazing light at the end of November which gilds kilometers of wild beaches, bordering a nature reserve (picture above).

Long walk on one of the deserted beaches, with just two or three fishermen whose giant fishing canes are planted in the sand (pictures 4 & 5). We blend in with the scenery. From time to time some ominous clouds. The bottom of the air is really cold, almost freezing when we reach the teak terrace of the restaurant, Ilha do Arroz. But there are infinite Ocean view, I can spend hours contemplating the horizon, sunset …

And some Portuguese tapas consisted of pasteis de bacalhau (cod fritters) with pimentos padrone (small green peppers grilled) : simple and delicious ! And our surprise guest : Cacao, the irresistible young dog of the owners (picture 6). Clap end when night falls, I am freezing in my parka. We take the road back to Lisbon. A great idea of an awesome beach walk for all of those who hate Sundays cocooning (LOL) !

Portugal-Comporta-1-Photo MlleLeK-copyright 2013Portugal-Comporta-2-Photo MlleLeK-copyright 2013Portugal-Comporta-3B-Photo MlleLeK-copyright 2013Portugal-Comporta-4-Photo MlleLeK-copyright 2013Portugal-Comporta-5-Photo MlleLeK-copyright 2013

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés. 

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