My Face Beauty Routine: Cleanser and Toner

MlleLeK Caudalie & La Roche Posay

Finally a beauty routine about cleanser and tonic that has managed to my skin!

After months of allergies and reactions: the lull for two and a half months and my skin has found back a beautiful shine! Although the products are different, I dug into my two of my favorite brands: Caudalie and La Roche Posay. And in addition to this post, for the care: I also tested the famous Creme de La Mer, face and eyes for the first time (post to come). But let’s start by cleaning the face. I started my new routine during the summer and at this time of year, my combination skin becomes oily. So I opted for the Instant Foaming Cleanser of  Caudalie, with grapes and sage which is rinsed with water (1). It is soap-free and very gentle for the skin. I like foams although my dermatologist is strictly against all the products that can be rinsed with water, for very sensitive skin!

As a toner, here is my magic potion (yes, it is!) After rinsing the foam, I gently sponge the fac. Then I spray the Thermal Spring Water Sensitive Skin of La Roche Posay all over the face, to soothe the skin (2). Followed by an application of Beauty Elixir of Caudalie, composed of grape, orange blossom, rose, balm mint and rosemary (3). I wait a bit for it to dry and wipe the rest with a tissue. Guaranteed toning effect, especially if these sprays are left in the fridge! During my first two applications of Beauty Elixir, I felt as tingling. So without waiting I rinsed my face with water, because I was afraid of an allergy or bad skin reaction. But after the third application, I had an incredible feeling of freshness (menthol) and energizing! Here’s a winning trio to prepare the skin to care.        

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