Esplanade Zagreb: A Room

Esplanade Zagreb-Room-1-Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

I arrived in the evening at the Esplanade Zagreb,

the cuisine of Le Bistro Esplanade closed soon. Check-in completed at the reception desk, I was kindly directed to the restaurant. After dinner, I wanted to do few snapshots of the hotel and I spent lots of time… of course … Still not seen my room. Along the way I discovered a kind of debutante ball, among the thousand decorative objects that arouse my curiosity. Then completely knockout (more than 24 hours without sleeping), I finally go to my room. Opening the door, I have the feeling that I know the place which is very nice. Even the Coca Zero “Frend” (mate) greets me! The room is spacious and cozy, with a comfortable seating area and long windows.

Esplanade Zagreb-Room-3-Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013Esplanade Zagreb-Room-8-Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013Esplanade Zagreb-Room-2-Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013Esplanade Zagreb-Room-4-Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

But the real good surprise: the bathroom

designed as an open space, large, clean and functional with a glam touch of Art Deco. A pleasure to use: no door or wall with the room. Without vampirizing space, such as when the tub is placed opposite the bed: I hate and it can be found in a plethora of design hotels! Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fane of design and crazy architecture.

But in some upscale hotels that were palaces in the past, I especially like their ability to anticipate the notion of comfort for each guest. In my case, I need a large number of electrical outlets in the room for my several chargers (cameras, mobile and laptop). I also need indirect lighting that is not too strong (neither too dark) and a perfect bedding. And do I have to mention free efficient wifi in all areas of the hotel? The Esplanade Zagreb has perfectly fulfilled all these criteria.

Esplanade Zagreb-Room-6-Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013Esplanade Zagreb-Room-5-Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés. 


Zagreb Tourist Board, www.visitcroatia.beEsplanade Zagreb    

Follow my whole trip in the CROATIA section. ENJOY! I was hosted by the Office National Croate du Tourisme and of course all my opinions are mine.

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