Poland: Odyssey, The Design Hotel in Kielce

I discovered this design hotel during my recent weekend in Kielce, in Swietorkrzyskie, the Witches country in southern Poland. It intrigues you … yes, witches of the south of Poland! Let me help you: we are not far from Krakow. To be honest, I have deserted “design” hotels for a while. I’ve prefered staying in hotels that often offered a greater comfort with more original decorations than a copied pasted of Wallpaper magazine. 4 years, almost all design hotels are alike (except for some really impressive). Do not expect to find at the Odyssey a revolutionary design. And so much the better! Here the decoration is more contemporary than purely “design”. It rests the eye and calms the mind. My favorite space: the lovely infinity pool with huge windows (picture 2). I stayed between the hot tub and spa that offers a wide range of treatments, with an interesting selection of brands such as Decleor, SkinCeuticals (…). I tested a really good SkinCeuticals facial. It’s been awhile that I wanted to test this brand, but never dared. In my room, I appreciated the clear space, shower (picture 4) and especially the unobstructed panoramic (picture 6). The garden (picture 1) and the large reception hall with the walls covered with green plants (pictures 3 & 7) amplify the well being vibe. And the restaurant is really delicious with a light cuisine very well presented and nicely served. A discreet hotel to spend a relaxation weekend.

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés. 


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