5 terraces to relax in Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia: 5 Terraces in Zagreb_13_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

One of my greatest pleasures in spring

is to spend time at outdoor cafes, watching the sky, street, people and movement … In a city like Zagreb, impossible to ignore outdoor cafes: there are many absolutely everywhere!  

1. Galeria Lav

Croatia: 5 Terraces in Zagreb_14_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

Behind the parliament, I really like this little raised terrace which adjoins the famous Stone Gate (Kamenita vrata), dedicated to the Virgin Mary, where believers and tourists stop. Opaticka ulica 2.

2. Jutro

Croatia: 5 Terraces in Zagreb_2_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013Croatia: 5 Terraces in Zagreb_1_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

A homemade atmosphere in this discrete courtyard which also houses the Maks Studio. Absolutely not bling bling and without any tourist: an intimate terrace to delve into the life of the neighborhood. Teslina 9 (u dvoristu).

3. Strossmatre

Croatia: 5 Terraces in Zagreb_6_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013Croatia: 5 Terraces in Zagreb_7_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

I had a big crush for this terracce that looks like a French guinguette  and Montmartre in Paris baby … Amelie Poulain (the movie) and you are really near the Museum of Broken Relashionships (a must see!). Better to come by funicular (last pictures) in the evening. Strossmayer Promenade, Upper Town.

4. Cica Bar

5 Terraces in Zagreb_11A_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013Croatia: 5 Terraces in Zagreb_10_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

This is THE bar that I liked the most! An underground arty flav, like in the Paul Auster’s Brooklyn Boogie movie! A terrace with an attitude more rock than purely fashion, located in a pittoresque pedestrian street. Near ModusTkalčićeva 18. 

5.  Basement

Croatia: 5 Terraces in Zagreb_3_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013Croatia: 5 Terraces in Zagreb_4_Photo Mademoiselle Le K_copyright 2013

Nice teak deck of a wine bar, with  a direct view of the famous funicular! I like the street that reminds me of Montmartre (bis!). The perfect place to quietly write my posts of Zagreb! Here the wifi is free throughout the city ; )   

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés. 


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