Thailand: The Arrival @ Cheio Larn Lake

Still in the South and Surat Thani surroundings, early in the morning we took the road to the Ratchaprapa Dam, north of Khao Sok National Park. After visiting one of the spectacular views of the dam, we win the pier for Chieo Larn Reservoir (pictures 1 & 2). 10-11am and the sun is very strong (not good for pictures), in canoes we ship for 1 hour raft ride to our hotel with floating bungalows. The wilderness is breathtaking, it is simply awsome! It made me remember of my first trip to Thailand, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi etc … Huge rock pythons, composed of limestone cliffs emerging from emerald lake. Wow! The place is called Little Guilin. The forest is super thick. We are in one of the few places in Thailand and Asia, where it remains the primary forest. I am really impressed. As the feeling of being “alone” (of course with my traveling companions, lol!) in the world. You feel small, tiny in this magnificent setting! Just when we crossed a unique canoe (pictures 4 & 5)! I realize that we are sailing from the tops of mountains is crazy (pictures 7 & 8)! The white marks on the rocks (pictures 3 & 6) correspond to different levels of water. A “paradise” vision by approaching our raft hotel nestled in the wilderness, the concept is so thrilling! I’ve never slept in a floating bungalow,). And you, have you ever slept in a flotting bungalow in the wilderness?

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés.  

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