Perfect Thai Massage in Surat Thani

We are finally in Surat Thani city. It is 6-7 p.m., everything is closed and desert! Not a soul on the sidewalks lining the main street that we took. Strange … I’m so used by Asian megacities that teeming of people and full of non-stop activity that this empty scenery is a bit disconcerting to me! Dinner at the hotel and good surprise: a Thai massage is provided at the other end of town. We cross streets where shops are still open and I feel reassured (lol!). Quiet life, passersby. Our driver seems to be lost. After some hesitation, phone calls and turns, he drops us  in the most lost area of Surat Thani (lol)! The surroundings are pretty charming. The massage salon is adjacent to a lovely restaurant with a terrace. Once barefoot, I enter the large room that serves as both waiting room and rest room (pictures 1 and 2). I chose a traditional Thai massage (ie no oil), high intensity (not recommended for beginners). My feet washed, I joined two other members of our team in a room with several mattress separated by curtains. My masseuse doesn’t look easy and hands me the traditional Thai blouse and pants. The air conditioning is super cold and without further ado the massage begins. The atmosphere is cool, my masseuse chats with other masseuses, while I talk to my friends. Soon the massage is gaining intensity (well it hurts). And I can feel very precisely each of muscles! Not a muscle is spared. Methodically, she stretches up muscle by muscle and honestly it is not very pleasant. But little by little, I feel the benefits: my body becomes more flexible and I dozed. The massage will last one hour and a half. I think it was originally 2 hours. But for some reason I still do not know, all the masseuses stopped their massage at the same time. End of this perfect Thai massage, undoubtedly the best and most traditional I’ve ever had.

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés. 

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