Thailand, Klongkone Mangrove Conservation Centre

After the plane, a mini bus and trainspotting break,

here I am in a Thai boat through the mangroves along a channel where the river flows into the sea! Yep, sounds amazing!

Welcome to Klongkone Mangrove Conservation Centre! Some residents quite intrusive spy us : omnivores macaques with sharp canines. These greedy monkeys are eager for our guide’s bananas, coming very close. Too much for my taste! I do not like them! In addition, they swim great and that move in groups! Lololol (pictures 2 and 3).

On the opposite bank, we pass fishermen masked for protection from the sun (pictures 1 and 4), making fishing for mussels (mussel farming). The look is really impressive. Once arrived at sea, we are heading to a fishermen’s shelter for lunch, standing off in the middle of nowhere (picture 5).

Acrobatic arrival (picture 6), but the setting is awsome! Soothing, I dream of a hammock (picture 7). And I recommend to all those who do not like seafood, to bring a snack. Because that menu is seafood and seafood and shrimps, clams, crabs …

I make some snapshots of the incredible tattoos of the driver of our boat (pictures 8 and 9). Time flies, it’s already time to go back: sea, river, mangrove and minibus till the next stop, a Thai massage at the Baan Amphawa Resort & Spa. The hotel where we will spend the night.

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés 

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