Thailand, Amphawa: Romhub, the unusual market of Mae Klong

Here I am on the road

to the town of Amphawa, just off the plane and the traffic near Suvarnabhumi, the Bangkok airport. 

On the way, we stop at the Romhub market in the small town of Mae Klong. At first I didn’t understand why (I was not really awake): I heard something about a train crosses the market.

Okay. The heat is overwhelming, I feel like liquefy me. I surf between umbrellas and under the covered part of the market.  Further, I can see the rails of the train, between fruits and vegetables, fish and meats, and a thousand things… 

When of a sudden, the rythm of this part of the market changes. The traders are busy, moving their goods and rolling them covering each side of the rails (picture below). Customers have vanished. And the few tourists are excited. Everyone is waiting. When the famous train casually arrives. So slow!

But the picture is rather unusual and hypnotic. At the last minute, I jumped on one of the side, like everyone. The train barely passed us, the activity has picked up again. In less than 5 minutes, the market has taken its original look! Those who slept resumed their nap. Those who bought continue their shopping. And the heat is more and more overwhelming.

Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés   

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