Paul Mitchell: Smoothing shampoo & serum

I knew the Paul Mitchell brand without ever using it.

This winter I discovered the Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Daily Shampoo and Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum. I’ve used them with a real pleasure for several weeks. And to be honest, I was completely blown away by how soft and smooth my hair was after using these two products! Easy to use, with a tangy delicious scent a bit regressive like a candy! But (the most important) hyper effective on my brittle hair so dry and curly.

The texture of the shampoo is incredibly comfortable to use. Once rinsed, the hair is so soft and silky that we can even skip the conditioner step. As for the serum, it is just GREAT! I applied it after the shampoo on my damp hair I pulled into a bun to dry naturally. Stunning effect, the next day my hair was stiff, shiny and very smooth. Bye bye brushing! And I apply daily on lengths and tips especially to avoid frizz.

Driven by my enthusiasm, I checked the list of ingredients and I had a HUGE disappointment. The serum and shampoo contain Dimethiconol (Dimethiconol in French), a silicone. And in the shampoo, there are also the famous PEG! The ingredients I try to avoid as much as possible! I make it clear “as much as possible“, because I am aware of using too many cosmetics that contain these kind of ingredients. Honestly I don’t always have the desire nor the time to scan all ingredient lists. And sometimes we just want to  use a cosmetic because the the product  attracts us by its smell or packaging and no one escapes!

So do you reward your attention to the ingredients of your hair products? Or do you consider as it’s impossible to check all the ingredients of your products, you just focus on the efficiency of the products? 

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés. 

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