A Manicure @ So Spa By Sofitel Saint James London

After a day where I ran from one end to the other in the freezing cold London

(planning totally messed), I arrived at 6:30 p.m. at So Spa by Sofitel Saint James London for a manicure. Perfect timing before dinner with a friend. From the entrance, the quiet and the home lighting create a kind of cocoon that contrasts to my today rhythm.

Slowly the stress falls and I am slightly drowsy while the manicure begins. Carita for hands and OPI for nail care and nail polish, but I took one of my favorite varnish, the red London from Mavala. Safer for touch, knowing the very limited duration of  my manicures (LOL!).

Soon I was served a nonalcoholic giant cocktail (included in the treatment, usually it’s a Martini) which gives me the impression of being on a distant beach with a perfect temperature … Honestly this huge cocktail gave a another dimension to the manicure done with great care!

A big thanks to my care manicure. When it was finished, I was directed to the lounge upstairs. Where once again I found the ceiling height of the building (a former bank) unbelievable. If the decoration and lighting of the rest room lend themselves wonderfully to extend this feeling of calm (photo 4), they did not count on two thirties clients screaming (yep!) their woes at work! I’m Zen, zen I go in my room.

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2013, tous droits réservés.    


Sofitel Saint James London

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Many thanks to the Sofitel Saint James London for this invitation. As always these are my opinions. 

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