I Tested The Slimming Massage of Martine de Richeville

Photo : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2012, tous droits réservés.

Last year reading a slimming article (oops!), I discovered the method of Martine de Richeville that sculpts the body by working on the fatty tissue. I was quite intrigued. And whenI was offered to experience a massage by Martine Richeville itself two days ago: I said ok without really knowing what  expecting. A journalist warned me that it would be “a little” painful (LOL)! Never mind, I’m addicted to Thai and Chinese massages, which are absolutely not pleasant!                  

 When I arrive, a huge red sumo welcomes me, the perfect metaphor for the perception I have of my body now (Ok I’m over exaggerating!). The session begins with a vigorous belly massage (deep kneading and pinching). Very painful! The work on certain organs makes me sweat in less than 5 minutes! As a consolation, I focus on the Louboutin shoes of my therapist, a really chic massage! But that does not detract from the fact the massage is painful. Gradually the pain subsides. The outside of the arms received the same treatment. After being on the back, it was the turn of each side, then the back and the neck. The whole body.                          

Martine Richeville explains that this work on the fatty tissue she’s practiced for 15 years, allows to empty toxins and sculpt the body as the “dough”. Suddently I have a flash: the sumo dude’s belly at the entrance (LOL)! On leaving I feel slightly euphoric, completely soft and relaxed, with the huge desire to  sleep ( good point). Two days later, I still have some body parts that hurt a bit, as after the first sessions of resumption of sport. Not really aches, rather the awakening of some muscles that I never work! Even if I do not see any change on my silhouette in a session, I feel that my body is released and “unlocked” and I have less appetite. Such an interesting experience! 


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