I Tested The Acer Smartphone: CloudMobile S500

Recently I was invited to a dinner by Acer

to discover the Cloud Mobile S500 smartphone. Refined design, featherweight and easy to use with an attractive price. Honestly, I’m not one of the kind of high tech freaks, even I’m a geek. I love computers, tablets but not smartphones. I use phones for calling only (LOL!).

Smartphones or I-something and tutti quanti are really not my cup of tea! Sounds weirdto you guys for a blogger! Ok. As Acer offered me a Cloud Mobile 500, I decided to test it (in my own personal way!!!). Not as a big technician (LOL LOL!), but as I a photographer. So I started using the camera of the smarphone.

And guess what: I REALLY enjoy it! I am so surprised by the pictures quality! I have not yet mastered all the applications that I use, but let’s say slowly but surely I get the habit of my smartphone (Android). You can check all my snapshots HERE. I didn’t do any Phototoshop, I just reduced the size and weight of these pictures, keeping the scaling of the different pictures formats.

This super light “camera-phone” (LOL!) with a big screen will allow me to replace my broken Canon Ixus for snapshots. So exciting! Many thanks to Acer!

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2012, tous droits réservés. 

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