Brussels: Discover The Northern Thailand Cuisine @ Les Larmes du Tigre

Recently I was invited to a press lunch at the Brussels famous restaurant, Les Larmes du Tigre, in the presence of His Excellency the Ambassador of Thailand. As usual: after I got lost (yep, I went to another restaurant, could you believe this!), I managed to arrive on time! After the  warm welcome of Mark Beukers, the owner and his team : ouch, I perceive that I forgot my camera (!). Fortunately, a journalist friend lent me her phone (thank you R!) and I could make these few snapshots. I’m nicely surprised by the result! I’ve been a few times in Thailand, never in the North: from November 15 to January 26, Les Larmes du Tigre, the Office of Tourism Authority of Thailand and Thai Airways have joined forces to highlight the cuisine of Northern Thailand. I discover this delicious cooking, combining pleasure of the eyes and the palate and so nicely presented and tasty. Honestly I’m light years of this boring endless trend of non stop fooding everywhere! Here are some pictures of one of the dishes on this six services menu. Photo 2: Kaeng Kung Hooe, prawns with curry from the north and mixed vegetables. Photo 3: assorted raw vegetables with an excellent eggplant caviar. Photo 4: Ab Pla, bass fillet grilled in a banana leaf with Thai herbs. Congratulations to Chef Apple! And while you enjoy your meal, you can admire portraits of the Thai photographer, Cholavit.

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2012, tous droits réservés.

Les Larmes du Tigre : 21, rue de Wynants, 1000 Bruxelles. T. 02/512 1877. Open daily, except monday and saterday noon.

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