Antwerp: My Shopping of Spring-Summer Trends (Stop 3)

It was quite late when I arrived at the Unlimited PR cocktail for VIPs and journalists in their Antwerp showroom. I crossed the city to and fro throughout the day and my feet are on fire in my boots with stiletto heels … No, not those amazing Manolo (Blahnik) – unfortunately not! (photo above). After a tour of the two floors showroom, I met the head of Smets, THE Luxembourg upscale multibrand that recently opened in Brussels (not been yet!). From what I saw here, the selection is worthy of the best international luxury multibrands, with designs of the talented French designer Pierre Hardy (photo below), Carven etc … I continue my investigations in the press office (which looks like a large store) where I discovered resin jewelry with Swarovski stones of… (hummm I can’t remember the name of the designer!), sold at Colette someone told me. OK, but I liked it anyway! No, I’m not finished, I still have to visit the showroom of a young designer graduated from La Cambre and now based in Antwerp: sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2012, tous droits réservés.

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