My First Time As a Jury Memember @ The 6th Edition of Customisez-Moi in Brussels, Belgium

Yesterday evening, I attended the 6th edition of Customisez-moi as jury member

for the  TAO price I gave with Nathalie of The Merry Makers to the winner … You’ll know who in my next post ; )

As usual, I arrived late at the hotel Bloom (Brussels) in a panic mode (no time for makeup LOL!). I discretly reached the other jurors drinking champagne, before discovering the creations of the eight young designers selected: Alizée Hilt, Amarande Angeley, Isabelle Giroux, Julie Maridor Kim Wille, Louis de Mey, Ophee Weynants and Samantha Van Den Driessche

I didn’t have time to make snapshots,

here are few members of jury (complicated to be in the action and take photos at the same time!): Photo 1, Didier Vervaeren of Modo, photo 2, Bernard Gavilan nicely shouting at a TV crew (LOL!), photo 3, Nica Broucke chatting with Bruno van Gils, co-founder of Cafe Costume and photo 4, Aude Gribaumont, co-founder of Hunting and Collecting.

In the coming post : the creations, final and winners…

Photos : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2012

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