Costa Neo Romantica: Cruise in Mediterranean

Do you remember “The Love Boat”?

Well well, I tested for you… and guess what, I really enjoyed it, as crazy as it sounds! I would never (ever) have imagined a 5-day cruise in the Mediterranean on a boat with over a thousand people! You know, one of these floating-white-monsters-with-dozens-of-floors. 

The trip started early morning: flight to Milan, then bus to Navona (I didn’t see anything of the city) and I obediently board the Neo Costa Romantica ship of the Costa fleet. After nearly a day of transportation and a long time of mandatory safety (including all of us, crew and customers), I finally relax on the desert deck pools. Yes finally I realize I’m on the water, on the top of the boat and coasts away, exciting!

And here is the big egg in wicker (photo above) where far from everything and everyone, I could admire the postcard beautiful sunsets during all the cruise! Cia-cia-ciao bellissima Italia, domani sarà (tomorrow, it’s)… To be continued…  


Photos : © Mademoiselle Le K – Tous droits réservés. 

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  1. I always hated the idea of a cruise until I got tired of packing/unpacking. Now I want to try one and your pictures helped – it looks magical!

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