Bio Beauté by Nuxe: The Gentle Facial Cleansing With Fruit Vitamin

For almost one month,

I use the Micellar Cleansing Foam With Orange Water and the Facial Beauty Enhancer With Vitimin-Rich of Bio Beauté by Nuxe. I really enjoy the light texture of this foam with a very discreet scent that rinses with water.

My dermatologist is against cleaning the face with water. And I tend to follow her recommendations: she has a baby’s skin that makes her look ten years younger. But my sensitive skin, prone to allergies becomes quite oily in the summer and I prefer refreshing “washer” than to the comfortable cleansing milk and tonic I use in winter. The organic orange water foam cleans gently without drying or stripping my sentive skin.

I complete my cleaning step with a natural bi-phase water, the Facial Beauty Enhancer With Vitimin-Rich that you need to shake before use. This is MY MUST HAVE SKINCARE! Its smell citrus (orange) and almonds is a pleasure that boosts the mind. I use it as a tonic spray that tones and energizes my skin with fruit vitamin, while reviving the radiance. It really brightens my complexion, relaxing and smoothing my skin.

You can spray it at any time of the day, it is not photosensitizing. With caution cause it contains alcohol, I tested it on a boat (with the maximum sun reflection) as well as in the city. So when I’m in the sun, after each spays, I add a good layer of sunscreen. I also used this incredible water to revive me before going dinner when I feel really tired. Much more better than using tons of foundation, blush ad make-up!

Photo : Mademoiselle Le K – copyright 2012

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