Make-up session @ Make Up For Ever

No photo without a good makeup! 

I went to Make Up For Ever, where the gifted Artistic director, Juan Carlos Salazar realized my make-up for a photo shoot. It was a real pleasure and a huge surprise: wow I’ve never ever had such “hynotique” eyes before! Yes that’s the word, hypnotic without false eyelashes and tutti quanti. The complexion was almost “nude”, with barely colored lips. 

This perfect makeup has respected the morphology of my face. I wanted a very natural base with a (barely perceptible) touch of glam. Juan Carlos has enlighted my face with powder HD. Use it sparingly if you don’t want to look like a “ghost” on picture taken with flash. For the eyes, he first applied the base for Prime Eye makeup takes longer, then Aqua Shadow blushes and Aqua Smoky Lash mascara. I liked the result so much that I did not want to remove it (LOL!)


Make-up For Ever

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Thanks to the Make Up For Ever team.

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