Visiting the charming Hotel La Légende with Sophie Jonot, the owner

Often great hotels have a supplement of soul, like those who run them. In the so British breakfast room, I have an appointment with Sophie Jonot. This charming young woman is the dynamic entrepreneur and owner who successfully runs and with passion the Hotel La Legend, in the center of Brussels: “A charming hotel has different strengths of a chain hotel. Example, one our features is our courtyard which gives this side calm and peaceful.” Away from the clichés of a “family hotel”, the hotel mostly attracts a business clientele who appreciate the lively city center: 5 minutes from the Grand Place, 10 minutes from the Sablons and 15 minutes from Rue Dansaert.      

I am the third generation of hoteliers, but the term “family hotel” means a relaxed familiar service. Which is not the case here. We try to constantly improve, to overcome the demands of customers to offer them a better service. I ask my collaborators to much.” In her pursuit of excellence,  Sophie constantly cares about the renovation and decoration of the 27 rooms and common areas. Mix of antique and modern furniture, the style of the hotel is unique: “I project myself as a client. I’ve already slept in the rooms. Every summer, we close for renovations. I always look for what would make me happy, the small detail that makes the difference! When I travel, I discover other hotels. This is a chance to see in others that I can improve my home. Every detail is important.” And Sophie concludes with sparkling eyes and a big smile: “I’m happy doing what I do today. I think my mother would be proud.

Picture 1: We spend the elegant porch to access the entrance. Pictures 2 & 3: Sophie Jonot in the breakfast room, one of my favorite area. Pictures 3 & 4: One of the big suites with 2 or 4 beds. Some suites have a small balcony overlooking the courtyard. Pictures 5 & 6: I really like the attic studio on the 5th floor with a small balcony overlooking the rooftops of Brussels centre. 

Thanks to Sophie Jonot and her team. 

Hotel La Légende : 35 rue du Lombard, 1000 Brussels. Tel : +32 2 512 82 90. 

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