Estée Lauder: Caviar & Nouveau Riche, My Two Favorite Nail Polish of The Vernis Pure Color Collection

After my summer beauty routine posts,

I chose to start my Fall-Winter beauty reviews with these two nail polish of the Estée Lauder‘s Vernis Pure Color. The collection is inspired by Paris by Night and I really enjoy the packaging too!

1. Caviar, of the Beyond Black collection is an elegant charcoal gray to match with a neon color jewelry (a neon yellow or blue bracelet or necklace).

2. Nouveau Riche (that means in French, “new rich”) of the Metal Mania collection celebrates the return of glitter polish. It’s very summery and fit perfectly with tanned skins … to wear on an exotic beach! I was a little surprised by its colorless base, but mixed with a high density of gold glitter.

My advice for the two nail polish: as I found the first layer liquid, you must apply a second layer to densify the color. And they will last more time.   

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