East Sussex, UK: A Walk In The Old City Of Hastings

A post for all those looking a different destination for a relaxing weekend : here is Hastings in East Sussex, England. Forget immediatly your party animal temper to switch to “a deep seaside breath” only. I recommend the hyperactive, a homeopathic dose of two days, no more. Enjoy the pictures in my tour of the old town of Hastings. Picture 1: view down to the fishing area, with the amazing Net shops (picture 2), black wooden huts erected in height, where fishermen traditionally ranked their nets and fishing equipment. Absolutely new for me! Near the net shops, I also discover @ the Jerwood Gallery, some British painters of the 20th century and 21st (post to come). Pictures 3 & 4: typical narrow street of the old Hastings leads to an English gardens! Then I reach some shopping streets, with many small antique shops, full of miscellaneous objects completely surreal, like in “The Advengers” (last picture).

Informations : to go to Hastings by Ferry FDS Seaways from  Dunkerque to Dover, www.norfolkline.com, www.visit1066country.com.  

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