East Sussex, UK: The Post Office Tea Rooms in St Leonards on Sea

If you need “action”, such creative leisure for the use of regressive fashion-somthing in you (knitting to de-stress!). Or at the opposite, if you dream of an “after work the fun” (fed up to act like a shopping addict in the old Hastings). Here is a charming tea room run by a couple of former graphic designers: the Post Office Tea Rooms, in five to ten minutes from Hastings House. It’s true, I really enjoy the knit evening concept (although I had already spoken in my posts on Toronto and Paris years ago). Anyway I like the concept, the concept only, okay! Because in weekend, I luv doing nothing (lol!): a few cups of tea, with two to three magazines to look at softly. And here, @ the Post Office Tea Rooms, with from time to time, a glance at the sea. Relax, relax. And for food lovers, the cakes are homemade!


Informations : to go to Hastings by Ferry FDS Seaways from Dunkerque to Dover, www.norfolkline.com, www.visit1066country.com.  

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