My Summer Beauty Routine: Shampoo and Hair Cream

My hair is “a poem” (French way to say: “hard work”)!

So no holiday for my very dry curly hair that requires constant care. The mix of sun-sea-sweat-oil and too-frequent shampoo, makes it brittle and dry up. Paradoxically it is the only “blessed” time of the year, I can let my hair “curls in the wind” (lol!). A real break for my scalp and my lengths. Except for the hair ends that tangle and are nodes. But I decided to simplify my summer hair routine.

1. For the shampoo : Karité intense nourishing shampoo (with shea butter) of René Furterer for extra dry hair and/or ethnic hair (1). Nice to apply and once the hair rinsed, it does not have this unbearable texture of wet straw! I also like the size of the package that I can easily take a trip.

2. On towel-dried hair, I apply a generous amount of Karité intense nourishing conditioning cream (with shea butter) of Rene Furterer (2). And I leave as much time I acn under a hot damp towel. If I go to the beach every day, at night I perfectly rinse my hair  with hot water (no shampoo) and finish by cold water to make it shine. I try to leave a few days between each shampoo.

3. I apply on damp hair a nourishing oil like the Monoi or the Huile de Palme (Palm Oil) of Leonor Greyl,  or my favourite Moisturizing Styling Ceam, with Quinoa oil of PhytoSpecific of (3). Sometimes I do not apply anything to let my hair breathe. And in the morning, I sheath again oil strand by strand, to prevent damage from salt, sand and sun. And then I forget my hair during the all day (lol!), basta cosi! If you have any suggestions or your special way to treat a very dry or Ethnic hair, please leave a comment or sent me an e-mail, I am always curious to discover a fantastic product!

Click on pictures below to discover the rest of my summer routine beauty:


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