My Summer Beauty Routine: Cleanser and Face Cream

After severe skin reactions last spring,

to get healthy skin, I decided to use a minimum of products and preferably “dermatologist”. This summer, my skincare routine limited to use the Eau micéllaire démaquillante (Micellar Cleansing Water) of Etat Pur, with a neutral pH (1). Perfect for combination skin. For a very cool and soothing effect, I put it away in the refrigerator.

As a tonic, I use the La Roche-Posay atomizer: excellent for calming the skin very sensitive to heat up under the association of sun, sweat and sunscreen. I store the mist in the refrigerator too, for an invigorating and firming effect.

The day, as I absolutely have to protect my skin from the sun, I use a sunscreen with very high index. And at night, I generously apply the cream Toleriane Ultra of La Roche-Posay (2), for allergic or intolerant skin that contains no preservatives, parabens, fragrance, alcohol, collorant and lanolin. Extra pure, with a completely airtight packaging.

This treatment has drastically improved the deplorable state of my skin after my severe allergy (appearance and comfort). SOS cream, super moisturizing and soothing (“anti-irritant”). After nearly two months of use, my skin was cleansed.

And for the pleasure to have a lovely color on the nails, I’ve finally worn Tour of Finance of ESSIE (3), a slightly metallic fuchsia pink. But I remain addicted to Ole Caliente, a punchy red-slightly orange.

Click on pictures below to discover the rest of my summer routine beauty:


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