Meeting Esther Perbandt in her shop in Mitte, Berlin

Quick stop in Berlin: no way not to visit 

my favourite German designer, the Berliner Esther Perbandt in her shop in Mitte. I really like her over sized bags and caftan dresses and scarves which folded, looks like a drawing of a folded shirt (picture 1,  “Format” collection / Spring-Summer 2012). Brillant and completely crazy, like the strong personality of Esther. 

If today her designs are qualified by the German press: “avant-garde”, few years ago, the same press named her: the “German Isabel Marant”! The ones who has followed my blog since the beginning, maybe you will remember an interview of Esther in Spring 2008! It was one of my first posts!

In the shop, I see a coming and going

of customers, friends and artists from France and California, assistant and trainees. Some goes to the workshop. The atmosphere is relaxed in spite of the preparation of the coming up show. Laughter, the team works and chats.

Undaunted, Esther explains me she has totally changed her life and mind for 4 years. She created her shop and finally assumes her workhalic temper. And finally she feels free to be herself.

Her today designs are refined,

stripped of any unnecessary ornament. New friendships have led to exciting artistic collaborations, like with the painter Jaybo (last picture). I’ve discovered one of his piece of art, “Rendez-vous avec la lune”, on a wall of the shop (picture above).

A few snapshots, barely time to see some of her next designs and I really have to go, me, Ms super champion for missing planes! Bye bye Berlin and long live Esther Perbandt!


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