Biarritz, France: The arrival @ The Roxy Pro 2012

MlleLeK Biarritz Côte des Basques 1

For all fans of surfing

that have not been able to get to the 7th Edition of the 2012 Roxy Pro Biarritz and penultimate stop of the ASP Women’s World Surfing Championship 2012. Here in Biarritz – out of competition – everyone is surfing, quite amazing! I reach the Côte des Basques (picture 1) where the trials began. Problem: the lack of waves and the first days sessions postponed.

MlleLeK Biarritz Grande Plage 1MlleLeK Biarritz Casino 2

Tonight I really enjoy the panoramic view 

from Les 100 Marches, where Roxy hosted a cocktail. A bit tight in the VIP / Press square (lol!), we sit facing the sea in a cool and cosmopolitan atmosphere, with a good DJ. Back to the Grande Plage (pictures 2 and 3, where the final will be held) by the path along the sea: the scenery is outstanding! We stopped at Le Taïtu for a pizza session. Choose the terrace to avoid the super tacky decor inside! To be continued…

MlleLeK Biarritz Roxy Pro Flags

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