Berlin, Germany: Alexanderplatz, A Little Shop & Communist Remains

Why going to Alexanderplatz?

For its architectural remains of the communist era. See how the architecture of the late sixties (even restaured) remains an absolute ugliness! It’s so ugly that it could lead to a kind of aesthetic which reminds me of the excellent German film Good bye Lenin by Wolfgang Becker with Daniel Brühl! 

Picture below: The Urania-Weltzeituhr, the universal clock dating from 1969. You can also go there for very practical reasons: the Park Inn (hotel opened in 1970!), The Kaufhof Galeria department store (for his food center), near the quaint streets of the trendy Mitte.

And the little souvenir gift shop, Aus Berlin: Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 17, open from 10am to 10pm (pictured above).

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