Castel Fragsburg: Fantastic Gourmet Restaurant

The road narrows into tight laces,

lined with vineyards, for your viewing pleasure! The restaurant’s charming Castel Fragsburg nestled atop a mountain, offers a panoramic on a bucolic landscape and the stonished Dolomites.

Simple, elegant and timeless, the atmosphere reminds me of the famous Dejeuner sur l’herbe of Renoir. I feel good, so I could spend hours on the terrace. With a good book under the shade of trees, lulled by a gentle breeze …

What choosing? A sparkling water followed by divine staters. Originality of tastes and textures and beautiful presentation. An unique mustard ice cream (picture 2). My plates look like paintings.

The presention is neat and airy,

with small proportions. I like the balance between solids and voids in a plate. The smiling staff is really professional, present without being intrusive. The main course is a succulent fish on a bed of black rice. Light and tasty.

More salty than sweet, I didn’t taste the desserts, but I like the concept of dark chocolate sticks with salty popcorn (picture 3). Very regressive!

I finish the meal with a great passion fruit tea (picture 4)! My gaze rests on a couch by the pool: now the farniente (or the “doing absolutely nothing” art) is calling me! Enjoy the break!



Many thanks for this beautiful invitation to Suedtirol and Lufthansa. And thanks to the chef Luis Haller and his great team too. As always these opinions are my own.

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