Massage, Sauna and Spa at The Golf & Spa Resort Andreus

If my first golf lesson

was a real pleasure, I also woke up an old light pain in the shoulders and upper back (nerds understand what!). I choice a massage of the neck @ Wellnessalm, the award-winning wellness of Golf & Spa Resort Andreus. While normaly for me, massages = Asia (I know, it’s really basic!), I want to experience the famous Haki Strech & Relax, a 50-minute massage that “focuses on muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and head“.

Daniel, the therapist start the massage by my head, with the Haki oil (composed of essential oils and I get worried of my allergies, but no problem this time). A kind of new-age music gives rhythm to the massage, slowly but surely I’m drowsy. After the upper body, hands and feet are massaged with the Haki balm with essential oils too, offered at the end of the massage. No way to know the composition (nothing mentioned on the packaging, except the mention of “Organic Cosmetic”) : surprising, I like to know what I give to my skin!

At the end of the massage, Daniel left the room fifteen minutes to let me relaxe and slowly open my eyes. But the great surprise was the next day : I could turn my head from left to right and vice versa, with an unprecedented flexibility and ease : unlocked neck and shoulders and lightened spine! Fantastic! Often right after a massage, you feel good. But after a great massage, it is really the next day and following days, you can feel the benefits. 

Then I reached the Vital Spa Andreus

for a sauna with essential oils of melissa, lemon and mint (picture 1): an unspected show in the dark and steam choreographed and acted by Haller Helli, the world champion of saunas (I didn’t even know it existed a world sauna championship!).

A girlfriend nicknamed Halle “Marc Jacob”, so let’s say, I had the privilege to have a private sauna with Marc (LOL!). On a pleplum music, he shakes with dexterity a wet towel in front of each one of us, for the essential oils to better penetrate our skin. It’s like a peeling that cleans the skin deeply and makes it extremely soft and smooth after.

I sat at the first level, where the lowest temperature is 50 °. Two higher levels, the temperature is 90°! Fortunately in front of the sauna, there is an ice water pool. But I prefered swimming in the large pool of warm water, surrounded by mountains, with the Dolomiti in the background (photo 2)! A bless!



Many thanks for this beautiful invitation to Suedtirol and Lufthansa. As always these opinions are my own.

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