My First Golf Lesson @ The Golf & Spa Resort Andreus

I’m on the road to S. Leonardo in Passiria,

where I will have my first golf lesson (of my life!), with Daniel Fink, the handsome young local champion. Me and golf, it’s a bit like me and yoga (!): NO connection, but am curious!

The Golf and Spa Resort Andreus (picture 1) includes the 18-hole course “Passeier Meran“: 60 hectares with seven lakes in a beautiful natural setting. One of the most beautiful golf courses in the Süd Tirol.

Now it’s raining and we’re heading to the indoor practice (photo below: Mirror my beautiful mirror, tell me that I have the right gesture!). The parctice is the “training area with practice balls.”

After thousand trials,

wow at length I succeeded to hit few balls well (last pictures: Okay all of those balls aren’t mine, lol).

We’re going on the pitch and putt: patience game to put the ball in the hole, it gets on my nerves (lol)! I even forget the rain! I do prefer the practice, more fun!

My arm and shoulders are a bit painful. Course done, I head to the beauty center of the resort area, for a neck massage. To be continued …



Many thanks for this beautiful invitation to Suedtirol and Lufthansa. As always these opinions are my own.

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