Vigilius Mountain Resort : Cosy Pool and Yoga

7 a.m. I leave my room to go to the pool

with large windows and wooden structures, opened on a beautiful landscape and a large wooden deck. The feeling of swimming among trees changes everything! No use of chlorine either, replaced by a natural process less odorous. 

You don’t exercise, you slip on the water among the top of trees.

Two basins: the left one is big enough for a real swimming session (pictue above). While the right one is a whirlpool (picture below). The water temperature is hotter, because half of the basin is outside.

Then I decide to do a yoga class. I’m not a big fan of yoga and all the “show” that goes with it! But I’m supposed to pampering my back… body and soul!

And great surprise, the course is a blend of Hatha Yoga, Chi Gong (breathing)… the kind of I can link postures like a slow motion danse (a bit weird, I know!), in a big room with light wood, large windows open on the trees and thanks : no guru image (no comment!). It’s magic, it changes everything, even yoga, could you imagine? LOL!



Vigilius Mountain,,,    


Many thanks for this beautiful invitation to Suedtirol and Lufthansa. As always these opinions are my own.

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