Vigilius Mountain Resort: A Room At The Top Of Mountain

The Room Is Spacious

No TV and very few fournitures as I like, almost monastic. After a very long day, between the airports, the road from Munich to Lana via Merano, the stunning scenery of the Adige valley and Dolomiti … and a private cable car to access the Vigilius Mountain Resort, a stylish ecolodge at 1500 meters altitude, surrounded by nature: finally I can sit and relaxe. 

Far from the world and crowds, I disconnect. No laptop (what a challenge!), nothing! From the huge window, the view is just breathtaking. High mountains covered with virgin forests. In the dark dawning, the air is fresh, pure and invigorating. I can spend hours here contemplative, but I have a dinner at 1500 Restaurant (beautifull view at breakfast).

The morning, around 6 a.m., my room is bathed in a soft red light, first rays of sunlight piercing clouds, the view is spectacular (pictures 5 and 1)! Difficult to get out of bed (spotless bedding), to join the spa and enjoy the pool at the opening.



Many thanks for this beautiful invitation to Suedtirol and Lufthansa. As always these opinions are my own.

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