La Kryptonite Nella Borsa, of Ivan Cotroneo

With the Brussels Film Festival which ends tonight, I reconnected with the Italian cinema, or movies linked with Italy like To Rome With Love of Woody Allen. So I watched The Kryptnotite nella borsa of Ivan Cotroneo, with Valeria Golino. She’s been more and more beautiful (true) as an actress since Respiro. The pitch: each family has its secrets, some of them are funnier than the others. I liked the lightness of the narrative, broken by serious moments and the fatalistic vision of life, a kind of optimism. The southern Italian accent and the discovery of a Neapolitan underground of 70s (very cliche). Some great pictures, such as the black umbrellas at the funeral and the modest happy end. A lovely movie for everyone (me included) fed up with the depressive European cinema! Oops I forgot the soundtrack of the movie, including one of my favorite songs: These Shoes Are Made For Walkin ‘(but I prefer the Tigerman’s version).

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