“Blackberry & Bay”, The New Fragrance of Jo Malone

17:30, finally I arrive

in the gardens of the Museum Van Buuren, in Brussels. I’m terribly late and it rains again! I quickly see some some works of arts and statues scattered here and there in the beautiful gardens. The bucolic setting blends perfectly with the new Jo Malone perfume, Blackberry & Bay. A British elegance and pictures of Jane Austin novel in the lush English countryside, only missing scones!

But the fragrance goes against the clichés: more complex and dense than expected of a cologne composed mostly of red fruits. There are also grapefruit (again, the star ingredient of the moment ), vetiver and cedar wood. Neither female nor male, this fragrance is discreet but recognizable.

During the presentation, I haven’t had this “love at first sight” (I might say “love at the first smell”!) as with Plum Blossom. I really enjoy this amazing light fragrance, I’m addicted! So after few days, I smelled again Blackberry & Bay in a totally different ambiant. This time, I was able to distinguish more subtle notes, like vetiver (the masculine touch) and I started building in my mind, pictures of what the scent expresses to me. And I really wanted to mix it with another cologne, such as Blue & Cocoa Agava.

According to Debbie Wild, the Director of Lifestyle and Perfume Jo Malone, most customers mix different colognes to express their moods and tests. And she recommends playing with scents, to customize your own signature scent. Her advice: put first your favorite perfume, let it dry, then add a second flavor. And of course, ENJOY!

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