Roger & Gallet: Huile Sublime Bois d’Orange, Perfumed Dry Oil

Dear nomadic friends : here a super light spray bottle (30 ml) to put in our bags and luggages! I am totally crazy about it : a greedy smell, SO sexy! This Perfumed dry oil silicone free is a fantastic beauty product : I don’t recommend very dry skin to use it as a treatment. But this dry oil is amazing as a “finish” (applyied after your usual moisturizing body creams) :  the skin is satin smooth and deliciously fragrant thanks to the orange essential oil and 6 natural oils. I am addicted! Irresistible after a sunbath, to sublimate tan and perfume hair! And for bad days, when I feel lazy (yes it happens, lol!) : its great texture and perfume make me feel better! Undoubtedly this is one of my “must have” of this summer! 

Roger & Gallet  

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