A Selection of Heady Fragrances

I really wanted to discover new fragrances and worlds

of high end and luxury niche brands. Here are some fascinating heady perfumes: 

1. Epic: I really like it. Heady peppery, oriental. Spicies: cumin, pink bay, cinnamon. The Silk Road, sensual travel. Captivanting. Vertigo. Amouage.   

2. The Spies of the Star: sweet. And gourmand : Italian lemon, Israeli grapefruit, lemon sorbet, apple-melon, caramel-meringue, amber-vanilla-musc… Light Intrigant Scent. Addicting. Romea d’Améor

3. The Great Inca Priestesses: dark chocolate (yummy!). Dense smart perfume. Romea d’Améor

4. Chambre Noire: Sexual. Strong presence of leather (and tobacco?), smell of an English old club (amchair). Mysterious…. Olfactive Studio

5. Calamity J: Musc. Masculine fragrance. Softened by patchouli and iris. Juliette Has a Gun

6. Aziyandé: I hesited to add this perfume, cause it is really special, not common at all. Sweet and spicy, dense and heady. And could a bit sickly too. Parfums d’Empire.   

And if you prefer light fragrances, click here

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